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NEWSFLASH: A New Beginning for ENDA?

UPDATE!! After 19 years of trying, the U.S. Senate has finally passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) by a vote of 64-32. All Democratic Senators voted for it, joined by 10 Republicans. It now goes to the House, where it faces much more stubborn Republican opposition. In a groundbreaking vote yesterday, 61 U.S. Senators–including 7 [...]


Yours in Sisterhood: The Film Connecting Feminists Through Vintage Letters to Ms.

Irene Lusztig’s film “Yours in Sisterhood” is a collective portrait of feminism across four decades—built uniquely through time travel and postage stamps.

Breslau. 3 friends.-1

Looking for Women’s Voices—and Stories—at “Her Paris”

“Her Paris” is a revelatory exhibition of the art—and by extension, the lives—of 37 women painters. It’s also a grim reminder of how far women still have to go to secure real space in the history of art.

A Rohingya refugee. (Steve Gumaer / Creative Commons)

The UN Must Confront Rape Against the Rohingya in Burma

“Sexual violence in conflict is not simply a human rights issue—it’s also a security challenge.”

Michaelann Bewsee / Creative Commons

Well-Intentioned Efforts at “Reform” Have Uniquely Hurt Incarcerated Women

We need more than benign purpose to craft policy. What women are facing now in the criminal justice system is proof.

UN Women / Creative Commons

Women Have Gained Little Ground in Hollywood Over the Last 20 Years

The last two decades in film have marked a disappointingly slow crawl to increased representation for women behind the scenes.

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WATCH: The #MeToo PSA Made Entirely By Women

A new PSA released by Women in Motion Pictures, a feminist collective of female filmmakers and actors, explores the scope of sexual harassment and its devastating effects on women and girls—in Hollywood and beyond.


Iranian and American Feminists Declare Solidarity During Iran-Wide Protests

“Feminism is a movement built on solidarity and intersectionality, and our fight for gender equality knows no borders.”

Brandon / Creative Commons

Don’t Despair

When I was a child growing up in middle Georgia, I thought all white men were like Donald Trump.


When We Criticize Survivors, We Ignore Those Who Didn’t Survive

This conversation cannot wait, and this is certainly not the time to tear down anti-sexual harassment activists. We must keep moving forward—not pushing back. For women of color in particular, that is the only way to survive.

Molly Adams

Across the Country, 2018 Ushered in New Laws Boosting Women’s Rights

On January 1 of this year, many laws that boosted women’s access to healthcare, proximity to economic justice and protections from workplace discrimination kicked into effect. 



Hissa Hilal Fights “Fatwas” With Poetry

A talented Saudi poet, Hissa Hilal, has become the breakout star of Abu Dhabi’s popular game show the “Million’s Poet,” and she hasn’t even won yet.