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NEWSFLASH: Hawaii’s New Gun Reform Laws Should Become the National Standard

Hawaii Governor David Ige signed three gun law reform bills into law Thursday, putting the state ahead of the rest of the nation in ensuring its residents are safe from gun violence. One law in particular also specifically addresses the intersection of gun violence and domestic violence.

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NEWSFLASH: Historic Stonewall Inn is Now a National Monument Honoring the Fight for LGBT Rights

The Stonewall Inn, and the rebellion there, became the iconic turning point that ignited the long, arduous battle towards equality for all members of the LGBT community.

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For Men, Same-Gender Tickets are a Presidential Norm—But Could Hillary Pick a Woman?

Included amidst the speculation about whom Hillary Clinton will choose as her running mate is an oft-repeated question: can she choose another woman?

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The Enforcement Gap: How Period Protection Laws Fail Incarcerated Women

While new legislation in New York City would, on paper, guarantee that women be provided with a reasonable amount of menstrual supplies upon request in public spaces, ensuring the enforced distribution of supplies in practice at correctional facilities will likely remain a challenge.

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Taking a Closer Look at Yara Greyjoy and Lesbian Representation on Game of Thrones

The reveal and development of Yara Greyjoy’s sexuality deserves not only applause, but also some serious thought and questioning.

1979 Gelatin silver print8 x 10 inches© Cindy Sherman 
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Cinema, Self-Reference and Women’s Shifting Identities: Inside a New Cindy Sherman Retrospective

Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life features over 120 pieces ranging from photographs of sculptures to large-scale wall murals that span from as far back as 1975 to the present.

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House Democrats Are Taking Historic Action for Common-Sense Gun Law Reform

Over 30 legislators are participating in a sit-in on the House floor today to call for action on gun violence—including women like Rep. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

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Hollywood’s Diversity Problem Leaves Latinas Erased and Stereotyped

As we challenge the film industry’s sexism, we need to do more to center one of the often underrepresented and misrepresented communities of women in the industry: Latinas.

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Trump Taps into White Male Anxiety, But Will it Work with Millennial Men?

Unlike older men—who have seen the advancement of women and people of color over their lifetimes as a cost to their own power—white male millennials may view efforts to uplift and empower groups they perceive as already equal to them as unfair and radical.

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Combating the Military Sexual Assault Crisis Should Come Before Equality Under the Draft

A defense authorization bill which would require women to register for Selective Service is moving through Congress. But in a military landscape rife with sexual violence, this step toward women’s full equality under the law seems short-sighted and even irresponsible.