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Female Character Flowchart

Ugly Ducklings, Noble Squaws and Not-So-Modern Families : Editor’s Picks, 10/11-10/15

Above is a detail from a wonderful flowchart breaking down the complex system of assigning female characters to cliched, stereotypical roles (via Jezebel, originally from Overthinking It). Sociological Images has a good collection of campaign ads that exploit anti-immigrant sentiment and racialized fears. Jorge Rivas reports for Colorlines that Bill O’Reilly learned nothing from yesterday’s [...]

Tabitha Kaylee Hawk / Creative Commons

This Week in Women: We Need More Seats at Tables Around the World

A delegation from Saudi Arabia was greeted by the president and White House staff for a meeting that didn’t include a single woman on either side. Vermont is now the only state that has never sent a woman to Congress. And in Russia, journalists joined a boycott after a government ethics commission ruled in favor of a high-ranking lawmaker accused of sexual harassment by three female reporters.

Victoria Pickering / Creative Commons

Sorry, Rick Santorum: Single Moms Aren’t to Blame for Gun Violence

Blame for the Parkland shooting that left 17 dead last month has been cast in many directions—and Rick Santorum took to the airwaves to pin the tragedy on single mothers.


Signs of Change in the March for Our Lives

Event organizers expect up to half a million people to fill the streets of Washington, D.C. this Saturday at the March for Our Lives in support of school safety and laws to reduce gun violence. The event, scheduled to start in front of the White House, will be led by the teenage survivors of the mass [...]

Victoria Pickering / Creative Commons

This is An Awakening: The Power of Youth Activism

Never again will we underestimate the power of a well-organized group of very loving, very pissed off adolescents.

Rep. Slaughter's Office on Flickr / Creative Commons

Rest in Power: Rep. Louise Slaughter Was a Trailblazer and a Fierce Feminist

The late representative fought tirelessly for women’s rights over the course of her three decades in Congress.


These Young Feminists are Bringing the #NeverAgain Movement to Iowa City

After the 2016 election, 17-year-old Lujayn Hamad organized on her Iowa City high school campus against hate and discrimination. In the wake of Parkland, she’s leading the march toward common-sense gun law reform with her fellow students.

Annie and Darlene.

The Beacon of Baca: Meet the 23-Year-Old Bringing Clean Water To Her Navajo Community

Annie Begay is doing all she can to bring clean, running water to her community. And she shows no signs of slowing down.

UN Women / Creative Commons

In the Shadows

Even in the face of the #MeToo movement, there is little activism to create safe space for survivors of incest.

Yvette Wohn / Creative Commons

The Stories of Our Signs

The silent outrage women have felt for oh, so long is finally gaining voice and gaining volume.

spring bookmarks

Bookmarks: 10 Feminist Books to Read This Spring

These spring reads span the global movement for workers’ rights, toxic masculinity, rape culture and the Trump era. (We’re also excited about two groundbreaking memoirs.)


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A Week of White House Progress on Campus Rape

The Obama administration has been ramping up its efforts to combat campus rape this year. Just this week, the White House released a 20-page report on combating campus rape, launched a star-studded PSA on the issue and announced that 55 colleges and universities are under federal investigation for the alleged mishandling of sexual violence cases. The [...]