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The Manchester Bombing Was an Attack on Women and Girls

The horrific bombing on Manchester was very much purposefully an attack against women and girls.

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Tinder Loving Care

Tinder and other apps are revolutionizing hook-up culture. For women, they’re also a dangerous game of risk and reward.

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Australia Must Address Domestic Violence

Judging by our domestic violence rate, women are not “mates” in Australia—and never have been.


Why Do You #UseTheFWord?

Times have changed, and so have our cultural attitudes toward the word “feminist.”

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In a Country Where Widows Are Witches

“They said that I killed my husband and declared me a witch.” Christiana’s story show just some of the challenges that face widows in Nigeria.

Molly Adams

What a Real Feminist Foreign Policy Looks Like

Building the bricks and mortar of gender equity in other countries isn’t straightforward. But it can be done.

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Net Neutrality is a Feminist Issue

Women and people of color are most likely to pay the highest price for the suspension of net neutrality.

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Justice for the Women of El Salvador is Long Overdue

In El Salvador, being poor and pregnant means losing your basic rights. Now, the nation’s lawmakers are considering permitting abortion in specific situations.

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Q&A: Roxane Gay on Authenticity, Likability and Resistance

“I love when people give a damn and are invested in things, trivial and not. Ambivalence is boring.”

Indrani Das, 17, won $250,000 for her study of a possible approach to treating the death of neurons due to brain injury or neurodegenerative disease.

The Future of STEM is Female

Young women and girls held their own in this year’s Regeneron Science Talent Search, a prestigious research competition for high school seniors pursuing STEM.